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Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42

Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42
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Nature does not stand still. Neither does ZEISS. This is impressively underscored in the CONQUEST® line from ZEISS. Uncompromising design, ergonomics and optics at an unbelievably attractive price. Never has so much performance been available in this price class until now with the ZEISS CONQUEST DL riflescopes and HD binoculars. The perfect all-rounders “Made in Germany” unite the company’s legendary quality with the latest technology. The ZEISS CONQUEST products are your doorway to the premium class of ZEISS.

Made in Germany
A revolution in design, ergonomics and optics. The perfect “Made in Germany” all-rounder combines ZEISS quality with state-of-the-art technology. The specially formed handling surface and the large focusing wheel make them easy to operate. Plus, these binoculars represent outstanding value for money. CONQUEST HD is the uncompromising entry into the ZEISS premium class.
Light in the darkness
Observe nature in high definition. The HD lens system with its neutral colour reproduction and razor-sharp detail represents a visual experience that sets standards in its class. The tried and tested ZEISS T* multilayer coating ensures that the CONQUEST HD offers light transmission of 90%+ – optimum requirements for impressive observation in twilight conditions.

Universalmodel med god dæmringsydelse.

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